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on tight lacing and waist training

I recently received this email asking me for advice on corset-wearing. I’m fairly certain it’s spam, but I wanted to address some of the issues it touches on. Hi I really have never worn a real corset before. Meaning I have only been annoyed several times to flimsy costume corsets with plastic boning. Well I recently… Read more »

DIY cubital tunnel syndrome splint

the condition Lately I have developed a bout of self-diagnosed cubital tunnel syndrome that is making me mad. It started with a vague tingling in my pinky and ring fingers, progressing to a slight ache in those extremities over the course of several years. A few months ago it graduated to a near-constant pain that runs… Read more »

#fail: the 1780’s corset

With this 1780’s pair of stays from Norah Waugh’s Corsets and Crinolines I tried something new. I was interested in creating a corset that had the flat-chested cone-shaped top half of a 18th century pair of stays, but the hips of a later Victorian steel boned corset. In short, I wanted something that doesn’t have… Read more »

shweshwe corset at the iziko museums slave lodge

A long long time ago I made the Shweshwe Corset, and it has been on display at the Iziko Museums Slave Lodge in Cape Town since the end of 2012 as part of their Isishweshwe exhibition. By means of costumes, accessories and contextual images, this exhibition traces the origins of isishweshwe cloth from its roots as a… Read more »

Are you wearing an authentic corset?

This is a blog post I recently wrote for the Corset Connection blog. All images used in the post and the chart are courtesy of Corset Connection and all items are available for purchase in their online store. They have a wonderful range of steel-boned Budget Beauties available to suit every pocket. Also be sure to check out their Facebook page with all… Read more »