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decor of xmas past: 2011

Right about now is the time when I start going Christmas crazy and making decorations until everyone (including me) is completely sick of it. It’s not that I love Christmas or anything 1, but I love making decorations, and ’tis the season to be jolly…or at least to freak out and make things. Every year… Read more »

mini christmas tree with tiny ornaments

Yay, it is the first day of December and the first official day that we, as non-commercial entities are allowed 1 to start decorating for Christmas.   This is the first year that I am out from under my parents and living in my own place 2, so I had the great privilege of starting fresh… Read more »

Tiny Xmas Tree

So the commercialisation of what was once a pagan religious festival and then a Christian religious festival is wrong, but surely one can’t be blamed for getting onto a tiny little bit of the Christmas spirit. The Tiny Tree from Typo certainly does the job of brightening up my desk! Here it is next to my not-giant-at-all… Read more »