Time now for the #dailyfail, an event which is inevitable in my everyday life.  This morning there was an ant in my tea. 

#blogvember day 11: my favourite spot

So I already came across as bit of a helpless homebody in yesterday’s #blogvember post, but look at these pictures taken from my balcony! How can it not be my favourite spot? “Favourite spot”, in my opinion, is a bit of a strange question. I have many favourite spots for different activities. So does this mean my favourite restaurant? Or my …

#blogvember day 8: feeling peckish

Picking a favourite restaurant for me would be like picking my favourite superhero: neither of these things are ever going to happen!  I am on a mission to find the best eggs benedict though, and so far these are my favourite spots for a date with my future husband Bennie:

World Cup Cakes

I’m not a huge fan of soccer, but I am a huge fan of cupcakes, and so World Cup Cakes were born! (special kudos to my sister for doing most of the real work! ) It took me forever to make the huge mathematical breakthrough of understanding that the black bits are pentagons, while the white bits are slightly larger …