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resolutions reviewed

Happy 2017! So….it’s that time of the year again. You know, that time when we are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and not yet worn down by the drudge of an entire year. Right now everything is still fresh and hopeful and we are all certain that we will finally, once and for all, be good… Read more »

book review: the high couch of silistra

I don’t write a book review for every book that I read. Sometimes a book is just meh, and I don’t need to get my heart rate up writing and ranting about things that are just meh. It’s about balance, people! But every once in a while a book comes by that just pokes me… Read more »

happy 2016 and no resolutions!

Happy 2016! I’m not a big one for setting new year’s resolutions, since that just seems like we are willfully setting ourselves up for failure. Nor am I a fan of the self-loathing and regret that goes along with the plan to improve ourselves in the new year. Not even the timing appeals to me:… Read more »

miscellaneous musing: analysis of ancillary justice by ann leckie

Sometimes a story just lodges in your head sideways and then you can do nothing but stand forlornly in the shower, turning every minute detail over in your head until the water runs cold and you can no longer remember whether or not you’ve washed your hair. This is what Ancillary Justice did to me. I… Read more »

in defense of the kíli and tauriel romance…

Or more specifically, the lesson to learn from this seemingly pointless addition to The Hobbit and how it is probably more like my life than I would care to admit. I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that if you have not watched the last Hobbit film, you will encounter some spoilers.  Okay,… Read more »