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spring flowers on the west coast

Spring had already sprung some time ago, and I took some lovely pictures to prove it, but then neglected to post it on this much-neglected blog. It was a particularly stormy day at the West Coast National Park, but the flowers were still out in all their glory, so without further ado… Some weather rolling… Read more »

savage garden on spring day

My dad stoically believes in the freedom of all plants, and so, after every winter his garden doesn’t so much resemble a garden, but rather a commune where all plants are welcome to live out their lives and just be themselves. The rush of unchecked greenery, strange new things that have sprung up from strange seeds, and… Read more »

trip to new york city

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to New York City. I took some pictures and gathered some wisdom that I would like to share.  what i’ve learned: 1. The New York City Subway is gross in a way that the London Underground is not. I don’t know what it is, or what measures are being taken to… Read more »


Today I was innocently navigating my way to the media library of a client’s website when I was confronted by this. My screen is 27 inches and the client in question has a particularly large gallery of these highly specialised images. And normally I wouldn’t mind my worst fear looking like it’s trying to bite my face off,… Read more »

day 6 of #blogvember: shoes!

I’ve had these puppies for the past century, so can’t remember where I bought them (it’s probably a tie between Mr Price and Pick n Pay – does anyone care to claim the honour?) but I do remember that they were cheap cheap. Dirt cheap. As in R50 cheap. Turns out to have been a very good… Read more »