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period-proof panties (and great design) by thinx

As a designer I get to trawl the internet for beautiful stuff as part of my job (and yet you won’t believe how much even that feels like work sometimes…) Today’s interesting find was forwarded to me by a client who liked the design and I wanted to share it, because not only is the… Read more »


Today I was innocently navigating my way to the media library of a client’s website when I was confronted by this. My screen is 27 inches and the client in question has a particularly large gallery of these highly specialised images. And normally I wouldn’t mind my worst fear looking like it’s trying to bite my face off,… Read more »

liebster blog awards

I had no idea that such a thing as the Liebster Blog Awards even existed until I was nominated by my good friend over at Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger. It is always an honour to be mentioned for your efforts, and awards are a nice part of that. Yet there is such a thing as undeserved… Read more »

#blogvember day 9: vintage accuser

For my birthday a few years ago my dad gave me Essential Fatastic Four Volume 4 which combines issue #64-83 of the comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first published in 1967. This book is auspicious in that it contains the very first appearance in print of Ronan the Accuser. Here he is talking… Read more »

Arabesque, Arabic art and other beautiful squiglygoos

A few days ago I received a link from a friend that reminded me again of another form of art that I love: arabesque. Copied shamelessly from CreativeRoots: “Arabesque is an artistic motif that is characterised by the application of repeating geometric forms and fancifully combined Arabic calligraphy.” These particular images were created by Muhammad… Read more »