Fragmented World

I have always wanted to be a Charlotte. And I have always wanted to tell a story. I don’t particularly want to tell this story, but it is the only one I have.

So I have been working – or rather dabbling – on a little side project I like to call Fragments of Charlotte

Writing and working and obsessing and trying to get published has taken its toll on me – emotionally, mentally, and even physically – to the point where I needed to take break from all the seriousness I had imposed on myself.

So I decided to have a bit of fun. Writing for the sake of writing, and nothing more.

I have always had a vampire story tucked away in the fertile soil of my brain, and it grew bigger and more lush as stories like that often do when left in the dark. But I knew that the time for a vampire story wasn’t exactly right, and that the time for a story like this might never be right. The industry might never be right. I might never come across the right agent or the right publisher or the right anything for this story to ever see the light of day. 

And it was exactly this worry that I was trying to avoid. I wanted to just write. I wanted to word-vomit and forget about it. I wanted to not edit and obsess and bite my fingers to shreds trying to create a perfect project that other people would want to buy and sell. I wanted to remove the stress and self-doubt from the creative process. 

And that is how Fragments of Charlotte was born. 

On the surface it is just an obscure little blog with only a handful of posts. On a deeper level … nope, there is no deeper level. It is exactly what it looks like. It is what it is: 

A few words at a time. 

I am aiming to write posts that are no more than bite-sized. About 500 words or so. Nothing that is an investment to write or to read. 

There is no schedule.

This endeavour is entirely deadline-free, responsibility-free and guilt-free. If I feel like doing it, I will. If I don’t, well, then I won’t. 

First drafts forever. 

There is no rule that says I can’t revisit and regurgitate this in the future, but for now the writing is raw and unpolished. I write and I post. There is no editing and obsessing and beta-reading and rereading. There is just writing, and then it is done. 

I will be re-posting Fragments of Charlotte entries here, but you can also visit the blog at – you guessed it – Fragments of Charlotte.

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