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on tight lacing and waist training

I recently received this email asking me for advice on corset-wearing. I’m fairly certain it’s spam, but I wanted to address some of the issues it touches on. Hi I really have never worn a real corset before. Meaning I have only been annoyed several times to flimsy costume corsets with plastic boning. Well I recently… Read more »

shweshwe corset at the iziko museums slave lodge

A long long time ago I made the Shweshwe Corset, and it has been on display at the Iziko Museums Slave Lodge in Cape Town since the end of 2012 as part of their Isishweshwe exhibition. By means of costumes, accessories and contextual images, this exhibition traces the origins of isishweshwe cloth from its roots as a… Read more »

1911 Corset Sew Along: The Finished Corset

Oh, do get on with it! So I’ve been insisting that this corset is in fact finished, and here is the proof.

1911 Corset Sew Along: The Fabric

Okay, so blogging about this has been a bit on the back burner, even though I have finished the corset long long ago. I promised to show off the fabric from hell a bit, so here goes. I bought it at the local fabric store in the (and this should be the first clue that… Read more »

If you happen to be near Devon

Then be sure to visit the Devon Guild of Craftsmen exhibition Tracing the Blueprint on from Friday 24 February to Monday 26 March 2012. From empires to everyday life, this exhibition traces the path of indigo-printed textiles from the Hapsburg Empire into Hungarian village life, and from Europe, via colonisation and assimilation, to Xhosa and other peoples of Southern… Read more »